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#LateGram: I need y’all to understand I didn’t end up co-writing The Art Behind The Tape by accident… Found these when I was unpacking after my last move in March. Throughout my career, I’ve always been close to DOPE #DJs (shouts to my day one @djlsone) and had the opportunity to work with @DJDrama @trendsettersense @doncannon @iamdjchuckt & @djscreamtv right when they collectively shifted the center of mixtape culture to the South. Shiiiit, I was even part of a mixtape DJ CREW at one point, lol! (Shouts to my Noizemob fam). And, of course, I wouldn’t even be posting this right now if it wasn’t for my Big Head mentor @djmars404!

Everyone involved with this book TRULY believes in The #Culture. The Art Behind The Tape has given us, the authors, so much insight on the evolution and importance of #Mixtapes in the greater story of #HipHop’s progression.

Can’t wait for y’all to see it! But in the meantime: get your #PreOrder on at

#SupportYourGirl #HipHopCulture #HipHopHistory #BlackAuthors #NewBook #NewRelease #ArtBehindTheTape

Part two of our conversation on #MikeBrown #Ferguson, #Media and why #BlackLifeMatters continues at 2pm on @ablradio with Attorney @shaymlawson, publicist and media analyst @cherrellrene, writer Rodney Carmichael, HipHopGivesBack’s co-founder @dj_knotts and Audio Gumbo’s founder @ohsowrite. Tune in and tell a friend! #DownloadThatApp #NewRules #NewRadio #ItsBiggerThanYou

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